Pet Dental Services

Do I really need to have my pet’s teeth cleaned?
• More than 8 out of 10 dogs and 7 out of 10 cats show signs of poor dental health by the age of three.
• Dental problems in pets – as in people – can lead to pain, tooth loss, periodontal disease, and increased bacteria in the bloodstream.
• Pets' oral disease invariably progresses with time, as does people's, and can result in damage to internal organs, including the heart, liver and kidneys.
Bella and Bugsy’s pet spa is regarded as the premiere mobile provider in this unique field. We offer thorough dental cleanings without the use of anesthetics.
Non-anesthetic dental cleanings offer a safe, affordable alternative to standard anesthetic-based cleanings. By combining extensive training and gentle handling techniques, we are able to effectively clean both above & below the gum line and polish while your pet remains alert & comfortable.
By eliminating the risks of anesthesia, regular dental care can be provided to most pets, including high risk breeds, pets with medical conditions and those whose guardians want to avoid anesthesia.
We are skilled in all levels of pet dental hygiene & the detection of abnormal dental conditions. If, after an initial evaluation, it is determined that your pet is not a good candidate for anesthesia-free cleaning, we will let you know. We treat all pets & their owners with respect & compassion, taking into account each individual pet’s physical & emotional well being.

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